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This is Rural Simplicity and I am your author Sarah. This blog is broken down into 7 categories (+ Spring Cleaning Challenge) . You can search the "Labels" tab in the side bar to search through related posts.

Topics that I cover on this blog are:
1) Talk it out (life thoughts and Biblical focused musings)
2) Writings (short stories, poems, and other quips from yours truly)
3) Readings (Book recommendations, summaries and more)
4) Photography
5) Decorating/Organizing
6) Lists/Ideas (Vacation ideas, Home organization, journaling, and more!)
7) Questions (questions on specific topics to ask yourself)

Like any small time blogger, comments are welcome and appreciated as it is one of the few ways I am able to connect with you. You can also find me on Facebook and occasionally roaming around Pinterest.

Last, I just want to mention that blogs are for community. I'm reaching out to you because I want to hear your thoughts, book recommendations, organizing ideas, etc... …
Recent posts

Sycamore Village - Short Story

Sycamore Village
Their ship was crashing on the open sea and the rain and waves were pouring over them! Peter and Davie  were yelling loudly to the crew.  “Lower the sails! “ “Hoist the rigging!” “Hold on matey’s!!” They were having a terrible time of it when all of a sudden the two boys crashed on the deck laughing and the storm seemingly gave way to sunshine and laughter.  Just across the yard two fine ladies dressed in pearls, high heels, and long flowing dresses called to the sailors. “Would you care for a cup of tea, sirs?” “We would greatly appreciate your company.” Chimed in the second. “Aye!” hollered Peter, “Is it Lemonade?” “Oh no!” Cried the first lady, “Only the finest tea.” “But it has a rather large hint of lemonade,” followed the second, trying not to discourage their company from coming.  “Well, yes… rather.” Replied the first. “Then we shall dock our ship, me ladies, and be there right away!” Peter called through cupped hands.  The ladies, Joy and Nola, hurried to get the tea table…

Choosing A Word - One Year To Grow

Have you ever been apart of a company or program that encouraged you to pick a word for the year? Usually you are encouraged to chose a motivational word like, Preserve, strive, dream, believe, etc...
Have you ever heard of doing a word just for yourself? (and it doesn't have to be the cliche motivational word you always hear.)

Well, you can and you really should and here is why. That is I'll let Mike Ashcraft tell you why. You can borrow the audio version of this short book from your library and get a quick understanding about why it's such a good idea.

 You will go through the process of praying, looking up scriptures passages, and making a list of possibilities. In the end you will have one word to focus on for the year along with a verse to back it up.

Here is my word - (what? you think I can't do this because it 's June and not January? - I can, trust me, and so can you. New beginnings are everywhere and very few of them are actually found near the date of Ja…

Photography Journal 2018 - (wks 19-22)

Week 19 - Mother This is my mother playing Grandma to my son. I can never pay my parents back all that they gave me, but I can share with my children what my parents taught me and watch another generation grow up with good values!
Week 20 - Up  Spring sky, beautiful clouds, look up and rejoice in the Lord! 

Week 21 - Smile/Face She is five, he is one. They are best buddies, and both firecrackers! There are so many smiles and giggles that float around our house, I am a privileged momma!

Week 22 - Blue Baby blue diapers drying in the sun. 

Next months topics are: Shadow, Father, Summer, Patriotic  Want to see more? Here are the previous weeks journal entries.  Weeks 1-5 Weeks 6-9 Weeks 10-13 Weeks 14-18

Taking Inventory

This is part three of a six part series. If you haven't read the previous posts please start there.
Habit and Routine - Read it here.
Finding Your Personal Space - Read it here.

You've done the brain work, and now it's time to do the muscle work. You will start with the room or space you have chosen as your "personal space". Once you work through posts 3-5 you will start again on the next room of your choice.
It's going to get more messy before it gets beautiful.In the room you have chosen (or if it's too full, in a nearby location) create four spots. This could be a section of the room, bins, trash bags, or paper signs marking an area.  - 1 - Trash - 2 - Give Away/Sell - 3 - Keep in this room - 4 - Keep in a different room 
Start pulling things out of drawers, off of shelves, under beds, out of closets, off the floor, and put them into one of the four piles. Keep grouping like things together until you have the room cleaned out to the corners. 
While you …

How to Find Good Books

Every month I do a post about books, books I've read, books I recommend, non-fiction, novels, adults books, children books, pictures books... how do I know which books are the good books? How do I always have so many good options? I'll tell you...

Book Lists  The number one way to find a good book is to have a friend with similar values and taste to reccomnd a book to you, the second best way is to find a book list compiled by someone with similar values and taste. 
1) Read-Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie  Sarah Mackenzie is becoming a leader in books. She has an amazing blog, podcast, and community. I highly recommend listening to all of her past podcasts. You will get to here so many tips and ideas about reading with your kids, you will hear interviews with authors and book lovers, and you will get a ton of book recommendations. You can also send your e-mail address to receive FREE access to her very, very large online book list.  If you do all of that and still haven'…

Helping the Hurting

Today I am pleased to share some thoughts from my dear friend Martha. Martha and I went to college together for one year, and then didn't see each other for ten years - until last weekend when I was way out in Washington state visiting my brother and had the pleasure of spending a lovely afternoon with Martha and her sweet children. It's amazing how good friends can be kept through long distances and even long bouts of no communication. After reading Martha's post please show her your appreciation by commenting with your thoughts and experiences. 
*      *      * 

A great big thank you to Sarah for asking me to do a guest post on her blog!! I was thinking of different topics I could write on.  I am the kind of person who can be extremely socially awkward.  ("Sorry! I'm awkward! Sorry!")  I have a hard time with small talk.  But if you want to talk about something deep, I'm there.  Not that I have all the answers or consider myself an overly "deep"…

Photography Journal 2018 - (wks 14-18)

Week 14 - Macro I don't have a macro lens, so this is as good as it gets. Old rusty nails, don't step on 'em!

Week 15 - Emotion This is my drama queen, she is all emotion, all heart, full force life-liver! 

Week 16 - BlessingsThere are two kinds of moms. Those who anxiously wait and pray for babies and those who are content without. I prayed for this sweet girl and she is a huge blessing and help to me every day. She is also a handful and feisty and naughty, but so am I. 

Week 17 - Earth It's so important to me to get my kids outside as much as possible, to get them in the earth, touching bugs, planting seeds, and noticing nature around them. These grubby little hands are one of my favorite things to see!

Week 18 - Under Emma got this umbrella for Christmas and started using it the very next day. It's been used for snow, rain, sun, and a host of other things that a 5 year old can think up! Under, what children do best!

Next months topics are: Mother, Up, Smile/Face…