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This is Rural Simplicity and I am your author Sarah. This blog is broken down into 7 categories (+ Spring Cleaning Challenge) . You can search the "Labels" tab in the side bar to search through related posts.

Topics that I cover on this blog are:
1) Talk it out (life thoughts and Biblical focused musings)
2) Writings (short stories, poems, and other quips from yours truly)
3) Readings (Book recommendations, summaries and more)
4) Photography
5) Decorating/Organizing
6) Lists/Ideas (Vacation ideas, Home organization, journaling, and more!)
7) Questions (questions on specific topics to ask yourself)

Like any small time blogger, comments are welcome and appreciated as it is one of the few ways I am able to connect with you. You can also find me on Facebook and occasionally roaming around Pinterest.

Last, I just want to mention that blogs are for community. I'm reaching out to you because I want to hear your thoughts, book recommendations, organizing ideas, etc... …
Recent posts

Creativity Flow

How do they do it? How do artists, authors, and creative people keep the juices flowing? Where do they keep coming up with so many good ideas? That blank white canvas can be so overwhelming!
Stay tuned for 10 ways you can keep the creativity flowing.

What? You said you're not creative so why keep reading? Do you ever write e-mails, plan a small birthday party, have dinner guests, plant flowers, go on a road trip, or teach?

Okay good,stay tuned...

10 Ways to Boost Creativity
1) Don't stress out 
     Stress is the number one killer of creativity. Just about every project is going to have a deadline of some sort so the potential of stress is always there. If pressure helps you finish a project that doesn't mean this is an irrelevant point, stress and pressure are two different things. You can use pressure to your advantage, but don't assume that you must work under pressure to get good results.

2) Take long walks outside
     There are two greats points here, 1) exercise,…

Book Series Recommendations - And Other Books!

I seem to be drawn to 'book series' as of late. Here is a short list of recent reads and one recent rediscovery!
I have read or listened (audio books) to all of these from the library and have no suitable pictures to share. So bear with me and the stock photos I found.

The Wingfeather Saga

I am about forty minutes away from finishing this series. The audio books are delightful. The last two books are read by the author Andrew Peterson himself.

Visit his website here and learn more about his music, books, and the Rabbit room. 

A bit of back story, I don't read fantasy books, they are not my thing at all. I love real life, biographies, history, and the like. But after listening to multiple podcast episodes from the Read Aloud Revival (I highly recommend this podcast and website!!) with Sarah and her guests gushing about it, and two long holiday trips I figured I'd give it a try if I could find the audio books.  I did, and there is no turning back now. These are the most be…

54 Ice Breaker Questions

Listed below or 54 questions to use at a party. Write them on a ball, or print them in strips and place in a basket, or go straight down the list. These simple games are a way to get people to know each other, start conversations, and who knows maybe find a best friend!

1) What is your favorite Winter activity?
2) What are your favorite sounds?
3) What's your worst example of procrastination?
4) What outdoor activity haven't you tried, but would like to?
5) What was the last photo you took?
6) Where do you get most of the decorations for your home?
7) Name one thing on your bucket list.
8) Are you a morning or night person?
9) What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?
10) What is your favorite movie?
11) What is your favorite sport to play?
12) What is your favorite summer activity?
13) What is your favorite way to waste time?
14) How many places did you live growing up?
15) What is one of your favorite things to do in {your hometown}?
16) Do you play an instrumen…

Photography Journal 2018 - (Wks1-5)

I feel like photography is everyone's side hobby now days, but with such good cameras on our smart phones it's hard to not fall in love with it.
I decided to join a small group of friends on Facebook this year who were doing - a photo a week challenge. We call it Clickin' Through 2018.  Here is the layout...

 About once a month I will post my photos from the weeks before. If you want to join me, feel free to post your photos in the comments.

Week 1 - Resolution  I made some pretty vague resolutions this year, and was in general not quite on top of my new year beginning. I listed nine things to work on and have found myself leaning heavily toward the item labeled - 1.  The very first thing I wrote down has become my beacon.  1. Enjoy doing the little things. 
The picture portrays some of the other things I had written down.  Read more Weigh less Make healthier meal choices

Week 2 - Cold Thankfully we have had some beautiful frigid temperatures and enough snow to sled in once. B…

Keys to Becoming an Intentional Writer

It's January in the year 2018.
In short, our world is made up of internet zombies. (If you are reading this sometime in the future, you may understand this phrasing even better than I do right now.) Currently we have this huge thing called social media, and just up from that we have personal blogs and from there it just keeps getting more complex. The number of hours Americans spend looking at some sort of screen, (whether that's computer, tablet, phone, or tv, and whether that's for work, play, or hobby), is alarming. Some studies from up to two years ago show us wasting half of our day looking at a screen,  so I'm sure you can guess that those numbers are even worse now. And here's the biggest problem with it all.


The readily available content open for ALL eyes to see is majorly - useless rubbish. (to put it nicely) Wrong information, biased information, complaining, gloating, bullying, taking advantage of, etc...

The Bible tells us to edify and uplift.

Babies and Books

This is a stack of books I've read or am currently reading in the last 2 months. Because when you have a newborn to feed what better to do than to devour books!

Peter Hessler is a journalist who knows how to keep your attention. While this book would be labeled as non-fiction it truly reads as easily as a fiction novel. Drive deep into China with Peter Hessler while learning about daily life in China. The driving rules are hilarious and scary, the daily life of peasants is sad and eye opening. Two other books by Peter Hessler that are on my shelf waiting to be read are, "Oracle Bones" and "River Town".

Yes, this is the famous Julie Andrews from Sound of Music, and Mary Poppins! She wrote a delightful book about an orphan named Mandy who spends her free time at the orphanage sneaking away to a deserted cottage and fixing it up. I think this is every girls dream!

"Indian Captive" was recommended to me by a friend and will definitely be going on my '…